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Inglenook Logs

15 – 30″ long and up to 12″ diameter

Standard Open Fire

Traditional open fire 9-12″ long and 6-8″ diameter

Log Burning Stove

Log burning stove around 9″ long and 2-5″ diameter.

Roughly 180 in one of our large sacks.

In smoke control areas you should not be burning wood with a moisture content greater than 20%.

No, logs dried in the traditional way - seasoned are fine.

Indeed kiln dried logs can be "too dry" and burn too quickly.

Sometimes they are imported from eastern Europe with therefore a high carbon footprint.

Our barn dried logs are the best option.

Free delivery within 7 miles of Chipping Campden.

Further a field price on application.

For more details please give me call on 0771 475 4988.