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A Luddite

Ground Clearance

Entering the fray armed with billhook, scythe and shears, occasionally wielding a handsaw and axe, Jesse creates an almost vintage art-form to modern ground clearance. Attacking neglected gardens to coarse woodland jungles, all lovingly by hand.

Interestingly, Bamboo has become one of his most fervent raisons d’etre due to its intense invasive tendancies, as those who have unfortunately experimented with the malefactor have found to their great chagrin. Jesse will not be beaten by this remorseless interloper.

It’s bad, it’s sound, it’s possibly a marvellous carbon footprint.

Definitely Tranquillo.

Crucially, he considers no job too small and is happy to work in limited access environments. Remember, he has no machines that need to be lugged into confined spaces and difficult to reach situations.

From taking down some trees or clearing some scrub pushes to levelling out ground ready for a lawn.

No job too small.

Happy to work in harder to reach places such as back gardens with limited access.

If you have a project which you want to get started please give me a call or use the contact form.

Commercial & Domestic

Commercial and domestic enquiries welcome. A recent ground clearance project.

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