A Luddite – ETHOS

Jesse Owens is a Luddite

21st Century Luddite Man*

A mixture of passionate work ethic, a healthy questioning of modern tech.

Validating a slowing world is fun, good and necessary.

Living and enjoying the work ethic of his Welsh Chapel parents throughout his life, together with his passion for old world traditionalism Jesse (nickname) Owens is the epitome of “a luddite” and the fundamental philosophies of the anti-mechanisation cause.

However, not without serious introspection, as befits a former 80’s “yuppy.” One of “Thatcher’s children,” complete with Filofax and 4800x.

Currently his soul-searching is driven by:-

Interrogating the fashionable mantras of the ecological Cosa Nostra, questioning its perceived efficiencies and the doctrine of the wind farm mafia 

Dissecting the curse of political correctness

Mobilising the great unwashed, the deplorables and the irredeemables against the thought police and cancel culture


Jesse displays his zeal for working with traditional hand tools in both garden and woodland through vigour and pragmatism. Ensuring every task is completed diligently and conscientiously.

Now approaching middle-age, Jesse thrives more as a workhorse than a capitalist as he pursues his role as a man of the soil. Undertaking everything for his customers without machines, well almost, he is developing a true niche in the landscaping market for a special type of service, ensuring a peaceful revolution in the great outdoors.


Therefore, if you would like a quiet change in your own green space, however small or large, give Jesse a call to discuss the benefits of the “everything lovingly by hand” ideal.